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Starting 2023 the Starlings way!!

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So this morning our excited swarm of Starlings got back to the grind with an away cup game against Horsford.

The first quater was fairly even sided with both teams having shots on target, and Hockering goalkeeper making a cracking lunge save to what was a very powerful attempt, despite efforts from both sides the first quater stayed equal.

In the second quater The Starlings flew in with some excellent passes and teamwork leading to a tap in from no 14. With Horsford still giving their all and making the Starlings work hard no 8 flew down the wing crossing the ball in to no 4 for a lovely strike to the back of the net, a few more attempts were made with some good saves from the Horsford keeper as did Horsford keep our no 1 busy but The Starlings kept pushing forward with some excellent work between them leading to a Fantastic top left cracker from no 14 followed by another three goals.

In the third quater The Starlings had a switch around of format to give them all a chance to explore different positions which they all enjoyed and worked very hard for, Horsford put some pressure on and certainly kept the Starlings on there toes. Number 24 shone showing some great passes and tackle and some Fantastic but unlucky attempts saved by the keeper.

In the fourth and final quater horsford showed the Starlings some bite back by taking a goal back but this didn’t knock The Starlings down with some awesome passes and play they soon saw another one cross to the back of the net by no 14. No 4 swiftly cracked another into the back of the net followed by a finishing ball by no 14 due to some tactical teamwork by all the Starlings on the pitch putting in excellent play. Finished with progression to the next round!

Some Fantastic play by all on the pitch from start to finish by both teams; The match was certainly nail-biting to watch on the sideline. A massive well done to each individual player on the team today for playing the full 40 minutes and not giving up for one minute!

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