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Away again at Firside, today we participated in the FA’s ‘silent support weekend’ where supporters and coaches nationwide showed their matchday enthusiasm through applause only. The experiment aimed at developing individual learning, decision-making and expression, whilst also allowing coaches to assess communication skills and understanding. We discussed before kickoff the importance of communication and encouragement between teammates, which improved as the game went on.

This week was our turn to get the opener, earning a two-goal lead going into halftime. Our strong performance continued into the second half as we moved some postitions around, getting a third and almost a fourth goal, only to be denied by a good penalty save. In the end the hardwork paid off with a well-deserved victory for Hockering.

We were impressed again with passing, building up from defence and progressing forward.

The atmosphere wasn’t quite as usual (reminded me a bit of Anfield and the Etihad actually) but today’s experiment was understood, with all the kids agreeing it greatly helped their focus and concentration during the game.

Thanks for the (silent) support!

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