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Norfolk County FA Primary Cup

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Norfolk County FA Primary Cup Quarter Final.

The Lads progress in the 4Work Primary Cup

In a tightly contested match, the lads emerged victorious with a 1-0 win. The first half showcased a solid performance, although opportunities were spurned. Ed Leviseur demonstrated excellent distribution skills and crucially palmed over a notable strike just before halftime.

The opposition’s number 7 stood out, not for his on-field performance, but for his sideline antics and arguments. At halftime, Marcus Clark made way due to cramp, with Dan Colk taking his place. However, Colk suffered an ankle injury after only a few minutes, leading to his substitution with Liam Plunkett replacing him.

The second half saw an increased level of pressure and chances created, yet the Stoke Keeper remained resilient. The breakthrough finally came when Josh Haycox swiftly delivered the ball to Billy Cockram, who skillfully slid it past the Stoke Keeper, securing a 1-0 lead.

Brad Cannell displayed defensive prowess but had to be replaced by Jamie Dugdale after sustaining a knock. The team continued to battle, forcing Stoke into playing long balls. The final substitution introduced 16-year-old Lincoln Johnson, who replaced Josh Haycox for the last 5 minutes.

Overall, it was an eventful match marked by missed opportunities, defensive strength, and a determined effort from our team, culminating in a well-deserved 1-0 victory.

Onto the Semi-Final!

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