Foundation Phase “The Swarm”

The Foundation Phase teams have been named with a nod to our sponsors Swarm Apprenteships. The Under 7s will be know as the Bees, The Under 8s the Wasps and the Under 9s as the Hornets. Training for the Foundation Phase will be every Wednesday through out the summer Holidays starting at 6pm. There is still a little room for new players to get involved with the three teams but spaces are limited. To give maximum game time to everybody we aren’t going to use the maximum squad allocation. The Under 7s and 8s will be restricted to 8 players (5V5 Format), the Under 9s will keep a squad of no more than 11 (7v7 Format). The Club could quite easily recruit beyond this however we feel that taking registration fees knowing children would not get adequate game time is unfair.