28 March 2023

Hockering Football Club

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Dragons Win Again

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For the second week in a row, the Dragons came back from behind to claim a win.

The tenacity of the team never fails to amaze me. Week in, week out, each and every one of them gives all they have to push the team forward.

Some risks were taken with line-ups today, which moved away from how we have approached games in the past. Players in unfamiliar positions worked hard to push forward from all areas of the pitch. The changes at half time cemented the versatility we have from so many of our team.

Huge congratulations to Jenson who started the game at centre half. POTM performance yet again from him. Mia, who came in a right back and Alfie who explored a new role on the left wing and worked tirelessly with Nate.

I have high hopes of a 3rd win in a row next week. Who could have predicted this at end of last season?

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