Zero Tolerance Policy

Hockering FC

Parents, Carers and Coaches can have a huge influence on a childs enjoyment in football. It is your responsibility to ensure you obide by the rules set out by the club.

Will report to the Police, League and County FA any form of inappropriate language, threatening behaviour and abuse from or to any Spectator, Player, Match Official or Club Official, before during or after Matches or training sessions.

Hockering F.C

Reserve the right to ask at any time any individual demonstrating any actions deemed to conflict with this policy to move away from the side-lines or pitch and when necessary to leave the club premises.

Hockering F.C

Acknowledges that every child, young person, or adult who plays or participates in football should be able to do so in an enjoyable and safe environment, all of the above should be acknowledged and protected from poor practice and all forms of abuse.
The Club will also report any form of abuse via Social media and Telephone in accordance with the County FA policy.
Those in breach of the above policies may be asked to meet with the committee or leave the club, in some circumstances the individual may also be reported to the Football Association or County Welfare Officer.
Hockering FC has a Zero tolerance policy to discrimination of any kind.